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Japanese Gyoza (dumpling)



Bento Gyoza


Gyoza paper (can be purchased from asian food shop)

chicken/pork/beef mince (whichever you prefer) 350gm

Ginger 1tsp grated

Spring onion 3 x shallots

Soy sauce 1Tbsp


2x Garlic cloves


Chop spring onion ,cabbage,mushrooms and mix with mince. Add soy sauce, pepper and fish sauce. Pan fry until cooked.

Put teaspoons of mixture into the middle of gyoza paper. Then seal the edges with water. Fan fold the edges until sealed.

Pan fry until brown. Add ¼ cup water to fry pan and place lid on pan to steam for 2 minutes. Serve with rice vinegar and soy sauce.

A healthy bento lunch.