Welcome to Luv Bento!

About Us


Minoru and Ruth established Luv Bento in 2014 as a family business. We sell Japanese style lunch “Bento” boxes, accessories and kitchenware.

Our business is based in Perth, Western Australia. We import authentic bento boxes and accessories from Japan and distribute to all over Australia and even overseas.

“ Bento “ is a fantastic Japanese culture that expresses love/communication to a person through making a special lunch.  Encourage healthy eating with these  stylish and cute bento boxes.

We carry a variety of designs for your whole family. We always dream everyone is using our lunch boxes and enjoying their lunch!

Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries about our products, service and demonstrations. We also share our bento ideas with everyone on Facebook. Please send your creative bento photos to share ideas together!


Luv Bento     Minoru Tateishi / Ruth Tateishi

ABN 18 614 378 177