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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Super Easy Bento Pasta



1 cup pasta (any pasta ok,)
!/2 cup frozen peas and corn
1/2 grated cheese
2 bacon rashers
1 egg
Cook pasta till Al dente. Microwave peas and corn till soft 1min
Cut bacon into small pieces and fry until brown
Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix
Add grated cheese
Boil  Egg for 10 min and peel. Place inside egg mould and put in cold water for 5 min.
Take egg out of mould and put in bento box with pasta!

Matcha Vanilla Smoothie



1 banana

1 cup milk

matcha powder – 1 teaspoons to a few tablespoons depending on your taste

vanilla bliss so good ice-cream or you can use vanilla ice-cream
a few handfuls of ice

1 tablespoon honey

Blend everything together. Taste & adjust
A great additionto your bento lunch or bento breakfast.