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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Yakisoba Bento Noodles


1x Packet thin egg noodles

ix Onion

ix Carrot

1/4 Cabbage or some broccoli

3x Rashers bacon

Yakisoba sauce


Cut carrot finely and onion. Slice cabbage or broccoli.

Add to pan with some oil. Add chopped bacon too.

Heat egg noodles with boiling water until soft, about 2 minutes

Then add noodles to the pan.

Stir through then add some Yakisoba sauce.

This can be purchased from the local Asian food shop.

(Its a sweet sauce with fruit and vegetable ingredients,)photo

Mini Hot Dog

Mini Hot Dogs

1x Can of plumrose cocktail franks

1x Pack of mini dinner rolls

Tomato sauce


Cook cocktail franks as per instruction for 4 min in microwave bowl.

(Be sure to cook in the liquid)

Cook rolls in oven for 15 min

When rolls are warm cut longways in half and put two cocktail franks in the roll longways.

Add sauce bottle on the side. (Putting the sauce on later means they don’t get soggy !)